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Feb 16, 2013 8:45pm EST
, double and even triple dip recessions, violence and riots etc. etc., there is a widespread sense i see that what europe is experience king is more of a recession. instead i think there's a sense that western europe present economic crisis reflects some deeper traumas. and not terminally because of external pressures but rather the inherent contradictions and his functionalities encouraged by what i call european economic culture overlong period of time. all of that is to say that if america's economic culture as i call it continues to drift in the same direction, i think we can assume faithfully that over time some trends that you see in europe will start to manifest themselves in the united states and that i think is what america means when they use phrases like europeanization or we are becoming like europe. today i want to do three things. the first thing i want to do is explain what i mean by the phrase becoming europe. the second thing i want to do is to sketch out where some similar trends are manifesting themselves in the united states and since i'm at the heritage foundatio
Feb 27, 2013 12:00am PST
how to use the data to create applications, devices, etc.. >> i have been thinking. this whole book came up with this idea. leadership. my father used to talk to me. think about what the former president of czechoslovakian, jon mcconaughey, and others had in common at their peak. a pretty good liner -- bundy -- ghandi, and others had in common. they all went to jail. you can argue that mandela and others, when they became president of their countries, they lose some of that moral authority as they had to navigate this. so my point is what about citizenship? what about active citizenship? we do not just want to rebroadcast to come vote, and then have a two-year cycle of broadcasting or a four-year cycle. we want to be actively engaged in the process. this idea of open transparency, putting up data, it is all about active citizen participation. remarkable things happen when you provide access to information. people will do extraordinarily good things with it. tavis: we have to engage fellow citizens on their own terms or at their level. >> and that is the term, a tip a citizenville,"
Feb 23, 2013 8:00am EST
over such as kids' home life, poverty level, etc. >> look, they are absolutely right. we have kids who come to school every day facing enormous challenges. nobody put them to bed the night before at a decent hour, nobody fed them breakfast before they came to school, maybe the electricity got turned off in their house, and they couldn't do their homework. when you are facing these challenges, does it make it harder to learn and, therefore, does it make it harder the teach those kids? absolutely. 100%. but can it be an excuse for why kids aren't achieving? no way. and this is, this is what i think is the thing ha we have to understand in this -- that we have to understand in this country right now. the u.s. ranks towards the bottom internationally on social mobility. which means if you are a child who is born into poverty in this country the likelihood that you will ever escape poverty is not good. that, in my mind, goes against every single ideal we hold as americans. that is not the way our country is supposed to work. this is the the greatest country in the world because be you work
Feb 26, 2013 1:00pm PST
tracks which requires the curb changes etc. the bicycle track option is approximately a 10 percent more expensive than the shared bike options. am i reading that correctly? >> yeah, that's correct. >> that's actually very encouraging if one were to take the position to take the bicycle path is a good thing. i know with one of the down sides to having that bicycle track as opposed to the shared lane is the costs of the shared lanes but the cost 10 percent is not a dramatic enable >> yeah, that's correct and there's costs obviously going to mission street there are costs. the main kind of down side is that it eats into the sidewalk. to the ability to use the sidewalks is more limited are there's a cost compact but it also has the strongest point is that market street is a nature place for cycle folks to go. so that's a very strong selling point. >> but this 10 percent differential between the two we can have a policy debate about what the sidewalk and bicycle assess etc., as opposed to this is going to so dramatically increase the costs it's not feasible. >> absolutely and we're tryi
Feb 7, 2013 2:00pm PST
restaurants are defined in sections etc., etc., and they be permitted as conditional use on the first story is in addition to criteria the commission finds that the limited restaurant does not occupy the space that is currently her last occupied by basic neighborhood sales or service. the basic need here was a bookstore. >> commissioner moore: in 2007, this project came in front of us early in my time in the commission and at that time there was a lot of opposition. ms. -- was representing the current owner; i am very interested in supporting a small business but also seeing the possible configuration or shift from one specialization into slightly associated other i ultimately supported the vcu in front of a the time. the specifics of that cu really spoke that it would be allowed to serve espresso, before that they were not allowed, espresso and associated, croissants, whatever, and continue as a place where people could come by read italian periodicals, not necessarily be as much in the bookstore but have the ability to have an espresso sit down and read. i was happy because i suppor
Feb 24, 2013 8:30am PST
. manufactures would include caps, mugs, postcards etc., that would be available for sale to the public. and besides demand and myself i'd like to acknowledge more people who are hard at work that includes jerry from maritime and a cough of people from our finance division and dave from maintenance and megan stevens from public relations. we hope people will join us and continue to participate in our ports selection. >> thank you renee we do have some public comment. >> commissioners my name is francisco and i'm here to make a few comments about this celebration the one-hundred and 50 years that the port has been here. first and for most you must remember that all this land from california and san francisco and not california and it's totality but san francisco belongs to - the director is monique is sensitive to this issue so therefore somewhere we have to factor our respect to the first speaker so their san franciscans. secondly, the national park service can aid you all in giving some respect to the buffalo soldiers our black soldier who were here the 9 and tentacle very all o
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
filing questions and etc. etc. and all of the things that need to be improved and revisited. am i too conservative? is this the time to put that extra in there? >> it is an interesting question. i think that the kind of limit on your time is largely due to the number of projects that you can see in any given week. it did not appear to us that any commission staffing that is solely devoted needs to increase, but somebody of the other functions in the department are supporting the commission indirectly, like the communications person and the admin staff and so on. those positions are not 100 percent devoted to the commission but they do spend the time as do so many of the staff on the commission items. so it is hard to quantify how much of the department is spent solely on the commission time or partially on commission time verses other things. let me just make or create a discussion only. and we have not at all talked about it. i understand, reading the paper, that you have significant support from the mayor's office. for additional staffing for larger levels of efficiency within the d
Feb 26, 2013 7:00am EST
scorecard. etc. --a, mars, nussle, leslie, etc.. nestle, etc. abf gotish food maker the lowest score card, but larg. it has hit back using accusations of a veil of secrecy. what is it about these big global brands that they're doing wrong? >> you talk about the abf have anyn, does not issues at all prepared the other parties that many of these companies have no idea what is going on backing their supply , they often have no policies as to how we expect you to treat your workers. in the end, we do not know what happened in the process of getting their food to us. >> will be back to talk about more of the market reaction. >> stay with us. still to come, a report of the presidential election campaign in kenya. just cheated -- just days ago, the two main rivals remained neck-and-neck in the polls. france says it will not negotiate with the gunmen who posted images on line of a french family who was kidnapped in cameron. the gang say they belong to the nigerian militant group vocal harlem. herron. showing a french family kidnapped last week in cameroon. they identify their captors by grewames
Feb 20, 2013 10:00am PST
room and a shower tub combination and etc., and then identifying the characteristics and so when that information manual comes that we promised you and it was suggested by our vendors that the mayor's office of disability would be able to have actual good information. so this is just one of many things that we are doing that is part of the collaboration. part of the monthly meetings that we have with the vendors and the daily interaction that we have with them and the inspector has. it absolutely makes me so happy when i see one of the inspecters get their heads together with any one of the vendor and they are talking and collaborating and the true spirit of what this program was actually meant to do and so with that i am going to stop and introduce jamie and all of the people here so they can tell you more about what they have been doing. >> thank you and good morning, commissioners, the code enforcement out reach program was created in 1996 by the building inspection commission. in order to bring our housing services to san francisco ans living in substan ard living conditions. over
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
saying that we are unlocking land value etc. etc. and help us to understand that. i know that this is my favorite question again, we are not selling the land but increasing the land value. how is it going to be reflected on the balance sheet? >> i will refer to elaine on that question. >> elaine forbes, deputy director of finance and administration. we will be working together the fiscal officer and i will be working on it, but in general, private investment that we don't control the rates or the rents charges etc., do not appear on the balance sheet. however the investment in the infrastructure will. and that is an an shall response but we will be analyzing this in more detail for its implication on the balance sheet. >> so at least 150 million dollars worth of infrastructure costs will be added. we would like to push for more but that is the minimum. >> i believe that is correct. yes. >> two other questions, i am not sure that i fully understand this correctly. we have talked about it so much. of each possible comes up and we have a different vertical developer that comes in, and obvio
Feb 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
: will these private companies banks etc. have to participate in the cybersecurity enhancement? >> guest: well i think for the most part it will be a voluntary and collaborative process with industry for them to participate if you sort of look through the executive order and follow how the framework is laid out, first you have myth leading a collaborative process with the national institutes of standards and technology leading and collaborative process to develop the framework and then the department of homeland security will set up a voluntary program to encourage adoption of that framework. at the same time the primary regulators in the federal government will look at their regulations and requirements into system relative to that framework that it has developed. and if they believe that their regulations and requirements are not sufficient in that area, then they could in theory and pose new regulations or executive actions that would require infrastructure to be brought up to that level. but i think for the most part you will find will be a voluntary process for a company t
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
, whether there's matching fund etc., and we'll see whether this will help us fund future projects so the scoring can we a very helpful in expanding our future capital resources. ultimately following our scoring review we added money to address critical needs. pier industry - structure the port ada is to support our exist doors this year's 1.8 million being at to our pier 39. you will recall we borrow rotted fund from the off and on and we promised to find a source to replenish this source and we found that. i just mentioned we found out a way to propose a strategy that will fund a second pile crews of 7 f t e rather than contracting out of work for our most urgent pier projects. we had the maintenance division that is going to repair the work we thought about contracting that out. the reason for the reduction in price is our staff can use the equipment and we avoid overhead and profit. there's an additional cost - our maintenance division can respond rather than generate other orders. we would like to complete pier 19 north apron in years 3 without the second pile crews it wouldn't b
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
relationships, favor includes.. cooking, laundry, etc, etc este hombre a quien llamaremos john.lo describe como un arreglo al estilo los angeles.. en donde se contrata a una esposa temporal por un periodo no mayor de tres meses.. su primer encuentro es generalmente en un caf.. sot 5:19 when i meet them we talk about what does she needs, what do i expect sometime they say they have a car payment of x amount a money a month and if within my budget and i think we are a good match then i go a support her financially as if i was a boyfriend esta es la decimaprimera vez que john intercambia placer sexual por un cuarto ..una vez que termina la relacion, publica su anuncio nuevamente. y dice recibir alrededor de 20 aplicaciones.. sot 17:53 "the majority were latina i have a passion for latina women" aÑade que su actual pareja es una madre soltera de origen hispano.. y que vive en san jos segun el, lo que lo diferencia de buscar a una prostituta.. es que se trata de una relacion monogama.. revisemos la definicion de prostitucion de acuerdo al codigo penal de california.. el acto de dirigi
Feb 23, 2013 12:30am EST
what they try to hide, etc., etc., and with all respect to that cardinal, he gets to go and cast a vote? that is stunning to me. >> you are certainly not alone, and many feel that he should not be allowed to participate in this event. with the recent events here in los angeles, and we see how documents continue to demonstrate how he was so complicit in the cover-up of the sex abuse scandal locally in los angeles, and he has been relieved of his duties, right, i personally find it incredibly problematic that he would be able to participate in this election. it is disturbing. bottom line, it is disturbing. tavis: you are still a practicing catholic. >> i am. >> -- tavis: why? >> first of all, i was raised catholic as part of my identity, for sure, but i also feel that when you see something that needs to change, you cannot make that change from the outside. seeing the change that needs to happen in the catholic church, to remain part of that structure for change, and i see that as part of my own mission. tavis: do you think there are enough voices like yours in this country and aroun
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
hack into apple and from there hack into google, etc., etc. >> okay, casey o'brian, thank you for your time. folks in the midwest are getting hit with a massive winter storm. we'll show you how that is looking out. >>> plus, not exactly a winter wonderland for one student. >>> up next a deadly new virus. something called the corona virus and why they are getting more worried about it by this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
, travel and do a lot of things together, etc., etc., and then when the time was right, we'd figure, you know, we'd talk about it then. and then one day, it was like, is this going to be a nursery or is this going to be a guest room? tracey garamone: and i went for my annual doctor's appointment and said we're thinking about it and next thing you know, the next month, it happened. well, there's no question that if we take from the very beginning, planning a pregnancy is far more likely to yield a good outcome than an unplanned pregnancy for a variety of reasons. not every woman is perfectly healthy. doctor: tracey? not ever woman understands that, for example, you can reduce the chance of having a neural tube defect by taking folic acid in the pre-conceptual and the early conceptual period. if you wait until you're pregnant, it's often too late, to, in fact, impact any change on the outcomes. tracey garamone: well, i was in fairly good physical shape. i take vitamins that are equal to, if not better than prenatals, so i was set up for that. the most important thing is the folic acid
Feb 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
palestinian considering the wall that you're against etc. and here you are in the united states you may get an oscar. i would be excited. how do you reconcile these two things. >> yes i'm very excited. my son is very excited to come to the united states, and to come to be in this historic day. what happens to me in the los angeles airport reminds me where i live and where i come from because i get this in my country from israeli army, israeli occupation every day. we are under many pressures in our homes. so you know, i know this treatment. it's like a reminder, this reminds me of what happens to me in my home. >> cenk: so tell me why the movie is called "five broken cameras" and what you were covering? >> "five broken cameras" is a film about my experience, my point of view, it's about me. my story the peaceful existence in the village about my friends and the daily life in the village. it's a long period of shooting, about seven years. i was following the events of the village and following my life, my family growing up under this conditions. i was following my friends and how the situati
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am PST
neighborhoods that really need itheights, etc. in terms of the deed restriction i thought it was interesting the idea of offense was mentioned now. it seems to me that in that area it might be worth having some sort of a fense in order to separate certain types of individuals, the police should have some sort of input about whether the fence is fair or not. with regards to new projects in this area of the city, it is long over due and hopefully it will be the type of project that is going to benefit the younger kids rather than the older kids because they think the younger kids really need the project more than the older kids. i think that should be made clear from policy viewpoint. and also lastly i would like to say that a project like thischange --curse is still prevalent around the city. >> supervisor wiener: other any other members of the public who would like to comment? seeing on the public comment is closed. >> supervisor kim: i would like to make a motion to forward that to the board. >> supervisor wiener: can we take that? motion is approved. item number two. ordinance amending the
Feb 27, 2013 3:30pm PST
assess and the bicycle tracks which requires the curb changes etc. the bicycle track option is approximately a 10 percent more expensive than the shared bike options. am i reading that correctly? >> yeah, that's correct. >> that's actually very encouraging if one were to take the position to take the bicycle path is a good thing. i know with one of the down sides to having that bicycle track as opposed to the shared lane is the costs of the shared lanes but the cost 10 percent is not a dramatic enable >> yeah, that's correct and there's costs obviously going to mission street there are costs. the main kind of down side is that it eats into the sidewalk. to the ability to use the sidewalks is more limited are there's a cost
Feb 14, 2013 9:30pm PST
restaurants etc., but we're working with the exhibit in the coliseum and the various stakeholders that everyone is aware and has an opportunity to participate >> and my last comment is we're celebrating the rich past and they should know we're so busy today carving a new future and the 7 and a half miles whether it's the music or the open space of whether it's some of the major real estate projects and hopefully, this celebration we can portray the water front what it means to the city. and we're redeveloping the skyline so hopefully, we're con varying that exist of what we'll be doing over the next several years >> following up on chairmans comments. i can see in the future this city is going beyond san francisco. everybody this is going to be - we'll no longer be san francisco. everything in this water front will be in the bay area. what we have here in the bay area everybody will benefit. they don't have a crews terminal but it will be named after the president of our union and we have a great leader in the union and he's given back. and as the future we're creating mayor lee t
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm PST
three elevators versus two. issues with respect to energy conservation, etc. in principle i think that the most important condition for this project is for it to occur within one year. and with the applicant standing here and testify that there is intent to start within two weeks is the best proof. this is something we should continue to support and see that it indeed becomes exemplary of what this commission is looking for. i would like to make one comment. i think the commission as part of its previous approval stated that some of us interested to see the final façade design to be reviewed by some of us. i have not had the opportunity to follow up with staff. those commissioners who want to be involved should continue to do so. i want to restate the continued interest of some of us to participate in the final configuration. >>: anyway. to staff, in terms of the one-year permitting trigger, with respect to the building permit, is there a specific permit that is referenced? can they go in for a site permit and that counts? >>: the first construction permit in this case is -- >>: in th
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
public approaches us what needs to come back and what we are extending titles to, etc. that will be my comment. if you have not seen the article i would be happy to pass it on to you. >> president fong: commissioner borden. >> commissioner borden: not to belabor football but actually grew up in baltimore. the city did lose its team in 1983. there has been a tremendous rebirth and revitalization not only downtown but all along the water and what is interesting - two interesting dynamics, is that they have a great medical science but the second thing is johns hopkins university has helped to develop large blocks of the city. they see it as a larger civic duty to make baltimore it better city and it is a positive example of how -- can work positively with the city in revitalizing neighborhoods. if there is something to learn from baltimore that is something. >> president fong: just for the benefit of the public, i was walked up to the podium and received three speaker cards for 501 taylor. that item was just approved unanimously. item 3, for 501 taylor. item 8, directors' announcements
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm EST
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Feb 10, 2013 7:30pm PST
the driving age and train yards etc., but as we just heard, i think more importantly is to look at the next ten years and think about as we expand the bench to bed side here, what types of innovations, therapies, treatments, will be able to put into play to impact human health over the next ten years. my first experience of mission bay was actually 13 years ago when i was finishing up a post dock down at hospital curve, their old site down at the general hospital and my advisor charo was taking the lead on planning the move of glad stone from general up here to mission bay. and he described this nurvana of interaction between ucsf and research institutions and start up companies, and i thought to myself, i want to get back there some day. some day my career path will take me back to mission bay, maybe for one of these little start ups that sort of came true. so a couple of years ago when bayer was opening the innovation center, this is our north american research headquarters we are looking around at where to place ourself and we ended up just a couple blocks away here in mission b
Feb 25, 2013 1:00am PST
their landlord and perhaps, even writing letters, etc. and we are able then to sort of help them navigate through the system and get in contact with dbi when we need to. and then, as jamie mentioned work with the land lords as well. we contact the apartment association in some cases and have them sort of work on the other end speaking to the landlord complying with codes and all of that. and we have had great success. the other thing that it allows us to do is a little bit of a more of a case management model. some of our counseling that we do it is really where we are only able to sort of do an in and out and advise them a little bit and send them on the way and with this, we are able to do follow up calls and we send out post cards saying has your issue been resolved and we will track the cases thoroughly. if the people are not getting anywhere, we are able to escalate through the dbi system if we need to or keep helping them work with the landlord. i think that it provides a great service not just to the community and the tenants but to your department frankly. we are trying t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 389 (some duplicates have been removed)